How to lose weight - free exercises for weight loss

If you decide to lose weight, find a diet — no problem. No matter what a visit to a professional nutritionist can afford not each. Friend, personal experience and the Internet will provide you with all necessary information. Question about physical activity more difficult to address. A personal trainer is expensive. A gym membership will punch a serious hole in the family budget. How to find an effective exercise for weight loss for free?

lose weight for free

Where to find free exercises?

If the financial situation does not allow you to attend aerobics classes or hire a personal yoga instructor for weight loss, do not despair. This leaves you plenty of opportunity to join the world of "slim and fit", not investing a dime.

First, look for sites devoted to the different sports. Visitors often have the opportunity to download free exercises for weight loss. This is often a very serious complexes, composed of masters of sports and professionally recorded on video.

Secondly, flip through the pages of YouTube. Make money on people who are trying to do, tend not all. Are altruistic, spread a network of very practical advice on getting fit. So put on your sports shorts, get under the cupboard of forgotten dumbbells include exercises for weight loss online (for free!) and get to work!

This approach has one absolute advantage over the gym: you do when you want, how many want and can not even spend money on decent tracksuit. Let worn, but favorite homemade pants and a t-shirt, you do not mind to be washed after every workout, very good which will serve you in your home gym.

Can be connected to the case and such an "antiquated" method, as sports channels on TV. Many of them offer programs of fitness, yoga, bodysuit and other useful things. Among the disadvantages of this method can only be called something that will have to relate his time with the channel program. On the other hand, the desired television program you can simply record and -- please! See exercise for weight loss free at any time. But there is a definite plus: these transmissions usually set the rhythm for "beginners" and "athletes with the experience." You don't have to try to keep up with the instructor at the limit of their forces.

So it is quite possible to find an appropriate methodology, leaving a significant portion of their money in the pockets of its developers. Would have the desire and diligence.

Exercise for weight loss

Videos, free websites and TV shows — a good thing. But do not forget that your weight loss depends not on techniques and someone else's recommendations, and from yourselves. Take a look! Around full home and totally free simulators!

  1. Treadmill. Put on your running shoes and go out to the nearest Park. Your treadmill is waiting for you! Instead of stifling heat and sweat – fresh air, instead of "fancy" technology that simulates the UPS and downs – the real ravines and snags, through which you can successfully jump over.
  2. Stepper. If you live in an apartment building, the best trainer and do not need. Starting today, give up Elevator and basically climb out and walk home. The first floor also does not preclude your intentions. Just a few times climb, and escape down the stairs.
  3. Horizontal bar. Find a strong stick. (You can use a used MOP, the main thing that it not break in your hands.) Put next to two chairs, lie down on the floor between them. Put the stick on the seat, tight grab her hands and start pulling. If you are still not distinguished by muscles in the hands, this is a good way to develop them. But do not forget about safety, not to bring created the design on his head.

And, of course, you are always skipping rope, dumbbells and various exercises that do not require the material at hand. You are in austerity? Fill two plastic water bottles instead of dumbbells and a skipping rope replace the usual rope. Probably, in any economy there is. Once again, the issue of losing weight and keeping yourself in good physical shape does not depend on funds. Unless you want it to.