10 best effective diets for quick weight loss

All women at all times do not give rest a question - how to lose weight quickly and effectively? Are there in reality effective diet for rapid weight loss, or is it just a myth invented by the manufacturers of dietary Supplements? Meanwhile, in life there are moments (and not enough), when you need to get into your favorite shorts or instantly transformed in front of the most important in the life of the celebration... There are best diet for this? Definitely, Yes!

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How to quickly lose weight: the most effective and fast diet

When choosing a diet for quick weight loss, follow these rules:

  • choose the diet, the main product which is available to you, because most fast and effective diets – mono, which is built on a single product;
  • products in the diet, you have to like the taste, otherwise dieting would be doubly difficult;
  • for more comfortable weight loss choose a diet in which all meals are easy to prepare, less to be in the kitchen and not tempted by food.

Of proven diets for quick weight loss you can pay attention to:

  • all kinds of mono;
  • different variations of the diet;
  • diet of celebrities, for example, Hollywood diet;
  • popular these days a high protein diet, low carbohydrate diet;
  • egg diet, which has firmly established itself as one of the most effective diets for those who are not configured to wait long for visible results.

10 effective diets for quick weight loss

  • The Hollywood cookie diet popular among overseas stars, it lasts two weeks, during which you can reduce weight by an average of 7 pounds. It is necessary to monitor the amount of sugar, salt and fat in the diet, completely remove the bread.
  • The cabbage soup diet is considered to be very effective: for 7 days you can lose up to 5 pounds. The menu is made so that the dishes are delicious and don't contain fats, unless in small quantities.
  • The Japanese diet can give good result in weight loss up to 8 kilos in two weeks. It is based on the use of seafood, but all dishes are prepared without salt.
  • Brazilian diet is the Foundation of vegetables, fruits and vegetable soups. In seven days you can lose up to 4 pounds.
  • Interval diet or three days. It lasts 9 days, but is divided into three phases of three day when you eat rice, potatoes and vegetables. While it is possible to drink only clean water. To lose weight it is possible to 7-9 pounds, but need to be careful and monitor your health.
  • Diet usually lasts for one or two weeks, during which you can lose 4 or 8 pounds, respectively. It is very important caveat: buckwheat diet for quick weight loss does not have to mean that you cook a variety of gastronomic dishes based on boiled buckwheat. No! Buckwheat in this case can neither cook nor stew – grains in advance pour boiling water and leave to "steam" for 3-4 hours, and then applied without adding any other products or spices..
  • Diet soup is based on a variety of soups, including cream soup. The main thing that this soup was not made from potatoes or beans and don't contain butter and spices, the bread should also be deleted. Salt allowed quite a bit. Duration – 7 days, loss weight to 4 pounds.
  • Diet top models for a period of 3 days, you can lose weight by 3, sometimes 5 pounds. Diet is deemed heavy, because you only eat one egg and 300g of cottage cheese a day, not eating dinner and only drink water.
  • Kefir diet lasts 7 days and it is possible to lose 4-5 pounds. Every day you drink a half liter of low-fat yogurt.
  • Diet fresh juices will provide rapid weight loss, but to sustain it is not easy. Fresh juice from oranges, grapefruits and lemons need to drink three times a day. The rest of the time drink water. Normally, the diet lasts up to 3 days and you can lose up to 3 pounds.
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How to lose weight effectively: simple diet

Among the great variety of diets, is the fastest and most effective rapid diet designed for quick weight loss. They last up to 5 days. While the amount of food is greatly reduced and no dinner. It can also be mono, which are based on one product. For example, yogurt, juice, or certain fruit.

Menu Express diet might look like this:

  • Breakfast: egg, unsweetened tea;
  • second Breakfast up to 12 days - low-fat cottage cheese with yogurt;
  • lunch: steamed fish 150 g of salad from vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice, but without oil, fruit;
  • dinner: unsweetened tea.

As there is such a form in the most efficient diets, like fasting days. For a three-day fasting period, you can lose up to 4 pounds. The first day to diet, the second day – fasting the third day out of the diet. Diet is constructed as follows: in preparation for the fasting, it is necessary to limit the consumption of fatty and carbohydrate foods. Don't eat grains, legumes. For Breakfast, drink only green tea, for lunch eat fruits and vegetables raw, salad, you can season with olive oil, no salt. Dinner should stop and drink only water and green tea without sugar after 7 PM. Day two - fasting, only drink water - 3-4 liters. The third day is a gradual exit from the diet. On this day you eat the same products as in the first, then gradually begin to add low-fat protein foods and go to normal power mode.

Diet for a week: effective and safe

You can arrange a potato days - throughout the week you will eat only potatoes boiled in their skins without the addition of spices. To lose weight on this diet on 2-3 pounds. Also, there is diet for quick weight loss on bananas and milk, which is also considered the most effective. It also lasts up to 7 days to lose weight, you can in average by 3 kilograms. Daily diet consists of two bananas and the milk to 3 cups.

Both of these diets are quite effective for weight loss and reducing the volume, but to perform them in reality quite difficult – because how could you not love boiled potatoes with no hint of spice or salt, or bananas, eat these foods for 7 days in a row and very few people seem "holiday belly".

An example of the most effective diet for quick weight loss

It is believed that the most effective diet for quick weight loss – the so-called "libero carbohydrate diet models". Three days on this diet you can lose 5 pounds, depending on the metabolism and weight.

Menu the following:

  • Breakfast: egg in a pouch;
  • 3 hours later: 150g low fat cottage cheese, unsweetened tea;
  • after another 3 hours to repeat the meal with cheese and tea;
  • not to dine;
  • drink as much water as possible.

This diet is very similar to a low-carb diet, rather it is a more severe version, as in "the models diet" the carbohydrates in the diet are absent, and the amount of protein is also reduced. A lighter option low-carb diet, which is also considered the fastest and most effective is:

  • Breakfast: 30g low fat hard cheese varieties, a slice of rye bread, unsweetened green tea;
  • lunch: boiled beans, a slice of rye bread, 200g low fat cottage cheese, unsweetened tea;
  • dinner: 100g chicken breast steamed, 1 cucumber and 1 tomato, unsweetened green tea.

A wide variety of diets difficult to choose the most efficient technique for losing weight. Often nutritionists advise to choose one specific low-fat yogurt, and a series of one-day (sometimes three-day) mono-diets. According to this principle, for example, built the 6 petals diet and the Japanese diet. But before you go on any of the most fast and the best diet, you need to consult a doctor for contraindications. It is also important to remember that any diet should be gradual, otherwise all dropped weight quickly returns.

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Perhaps you will find our list of effective diet insufficient. Then you should add a mouth-watering pumpkin seed diet, nutritious and easily portable chicken diet and to some extent even useful for the body cottage cheese diet. So now you just have to choose from! And don't forget to add in the diet tea for weight loss - it not only invigorate and accelerate the metabolism, but will make any diet more effective.

However, you should strictly remember is that even if you were able to pick up effective diet for weight loss, and stayed on it just enough to achieve the desired result, it does not guarantee you the final victory over overweight. It is very important to maintain weight! And this is the best suited system of proper balanced diet that excludes the consumption of processed foods and fast food, soda flour products, etc. Weight is considered stable if it does not undergo drastic changes in the next 6-7 months.

And finally, do not forget that any, even the most effective diet for weight loss will not give you such a strong and stable weight control as a healthy lifestyle, proper eating habits (not dependence!) and moderate consumption of food.