Lose weight without dieting: 22 simple but effective advice

Most importantly, a healthy diet and turn a healthy lifestyle into a habit, which will become for you as routine as brushing your teeth in the morning and 10 pages of a new book in the evenings.

Ready to start now? Below — twenty-two tips that will help you to lose weight without dieting and any significant limitations. Sounds like magic, but, nevertheless, this really does work.

Eat slowly


If you are used to eat "like a meteor", try to slow down, as perhaps it is because of the speed you eat more than you need. And, as a result, gaining extra weight, instead get rid of them. In the first few weeks will help the timer on your phone: set it for 20 minutes, and make sure that the meal took all this time. Be distracted to get a drink of water, and thoroughly chew each piece.

Sleep enough

The portal WebMD quoted researcher from the University of Michigan (University of Michigan), who admitted that extra hour of sleep each day helped him lose 7 pounds in a year. This scenario shows that if you don't get enough sleep, cognitive processes are slowed down, so the brain loses the ability to send signals about hunger and satiety.

Consume more vegetables

Try to make fresh or grilled (which one is more useful to fry — read here) vegetables were always on your Desk. Besides the obvious utility, they help to visually increase the size of the meals that you just do not feel that you have eaten too little to get enough. Add to this a high water content which helps to maintain optimal hydration and significantly improves skin condition. Useful tip: cook vegetables without oil, and pripravljena lemon juice and fresh herbs.

Don't forget the soup

Add in your menu chicken broth or light vegetable soup and you will not notice the extra pounds leaving you forever. Soup is especially useful at the beginning of the meal as it slows digestion, curbs the appetite and allows you to pounce on unhealthy snacks. In addition, if you are sick, the broth is strategically important for faster recovery and relieve cold symptoms. But beware of creamy soups, which can "boast" high in fat and calories.

Bet on whole grain

Whole grains such as brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat and wheat, help you feel full on less calories but at the same time reduces levels of "bad" cholesterol in the blood. But, best of all, from whole grains and are now making very attractive products. For example, waffles and muffins, pizza base and pasta, and "white" bread made from whole wheat. The main thing — the attentive study information on the package.

Discard the bacon

Refrain from adding bacon to your morning omelet or Turkey sandwich and bacon for lunch, and 100 calories is gone. It seems that quite a bit, but in a week you will get rid of an extra 700 calories, and two of 1,500 calories, which is comparable to the price of a small cake with berries. By the way, to make the dish more flavorful can and less calories tomatoes, grainy mustard or soft cheese with fresh herbs.

Modify your favorite dishes

Love pizza? There is no reason to abandon it! Just come to the choice version of the mind: ask to cook the pizza on thin crust, olive oil and with cheese low fat. It is unlikely that the pizza place refuse to execute the order, but even if, keep in mind that today's consumer can and should choose from a huge number of manufacturers. So, you may want to find a new place you can call "his".

Reduce the amount of sugar


Replace one sweet drink (e.g. a glass of soda with plain water), and you'll avoid 10 teaspoons of sugar. The scale is impressive, isn't it? But if you add to the water lemon, mint or frozen strawberries, the flavor will be even better, and the pleasure will be even bigger than usual wheels. What is the danger of sweet drinks? In the first place, that liquid sugar is not fixed by our body as a full meal. So with one bottle you can get up to 450 calories that will go unnoticed. Another interesting: according to studies, those who, in their craving for sweets prefer sweets or chocolate, not soda, on average, gain less weight.

Use tall, narrow glass

Another lifehack from the field of dietetics — replace your ordinary glass into high and narrow, and your weight reduced without diet. Because you will drink 25-30% less juice, soda, wine or any other drink. How does it work? Brian (Brian Wansink), Ph. D. Cornell University (Cornell University) explains that visual deception can reconfigure the brain. The texts showed that in the low and wide glass even experienced bartenders poured more of the drink than tall and narrow.

Limit alcohol

I agree, there are times when you can't, and probably don't want to miss fun events with alcoholic accompaniment. But alcohol blocks the brain's ability to tell us about fullness and hunger, and in large quantities and completely destroys this mechanism, so be extremely careful. Nutritionists advise to follow the scheme: alcohol drink, glass of water, drink two glasses of water, drink. To keep yourself in the hands was easier, remember that alcohol contains more calories per gram than carbohydrates or proteins.

Drink green tea

Green tea is the best option for those who want to get rid of extra pounds. Some researchers believe that it can be activated for an "engine calorie-burning" due to the action of chemicals. At least you get a tasty refreshing drink without tons of calories.

Practice yoga

According to research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, women who do yoga, on average, weigh less than those involved in other sports. Scientists believe it may be because yoga aims not only the harmony of body, but the mind. That's why people who practice yoga with her practice and meditation. This allows them to be more calm, effectively resist stress and is careful about food.

Eat at home

Eat home-cooked meals at least five days a week. A survey conducted by Consumer Reports showed that this is one of the key habits of "successful dieters". In addition, you finally learn to cook your favorite lasagna and pesto in your own kitchen, this approach has a lot of other bonuses. For example, substantial savings and the ability to think of any dish by itself. Well, of course, so you can control the amount of sugar, salt and fats that will benefit your waist.

Catch "a break in food"

Most people have a natural "eating pause" — that moment when they put the fork or spoon in a bowl for a few minutes. Watch this moment, as it means that you can finish the meal now. Nutritionists say that it's a signal of fullness (but not crowded) for your stomach. And, unfortunately, almost all of us miss him.

Chew gum with mint


Chew sugar-free gum with a strong mint flavor, if you feel that ordering the Burger and fries. Dinner after work, socializing at a party, watching TV or surfing the net — here are a few dangerous scenarios for mindless snacking. Mint gum interrupts the majority of tastes and flavors, so that "bad" food will not be attractive. Note: to use this advice is only in extreme situations, not to provoke the production of gastric juices if you are hungry, and do not hurt the digestive system.

Take a plate smaller

Professor Brian in a series of experiments found that people eat more and more likely to overeat when you use large plates. Simply select the plate two times less, and you get rid of 100-200 calories per day and from 7-9 extra pounds a year. It is noteworthy that the volunteers who took part in the food experiment, not felt hungry with the reduction plates, and most of them just do not notice it.

Eat small portions

The best habit slim people, as polls show Consumer Reports is that they eat little and often. In other words, five meals a day is the norm from which they depart only in critical situations. And you only think it's complicated. The adherents of the system of food admit that after a week of frequent feedings, you'll otherwise, so comfortable you will feel.

Try the 80/20 rule

Many celebrities, among them top model Gisele Bundchen, recognized that to keep in shape and it does not appear from favourite food allows them to 80/20. The gist of it boils down to is that you must choose a comfortable period (day or week), and then make 80% of the power during this time was healthy foods and 20% not very healthy, but incredibly tasty.

Order food correctly

Restaurant meals are known to contain more calories and fat than you realize. So keep in mind number of strategies in the restaurant, which, as they say nutritionists, that will help you keep portions under control: split a dish with a friend, order an appetizer as a main course, choose something from the children's menu or complement a main dish not a whole salad, but a few leaves of lettuce.

Choose red sauce

When choosing a sauce for pasta or baked potato, stop for the red options, it will be salsa, hot sauce, red pesto. The fact that the sauces based on tomatoes, usually contain fewer calories and much less fat than butter and, especially, mayonnaise sauces. But remember that portion size still matters.

Sometimes becoming a vegetarian

Eating vegetarian meals is a great habit for weight loss. No, no one is forcing you to give up meat completely, especially if you consider that it could be harmful to health. Today, however, in every other Burger and in each of the first Italian cafe you can find burgers with a Patty made of beans or lentils and pasta with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, the taste characteristics which will surprise you.

Indulge yourself


If you have learned to do without soda, at least five days out of seven, or used to cope with overeating Apple slices, not chips, Pat yourself on the back. You could make even a simple but yet very difficult to tune for proper nutrition. Now everything will be easier and simpler, this we know for sure. However, don't forget the food concessions that are necessary in order to reduce the risk of overeating to a minimum. Go for a pedicure, buy a new dress or let a piece of cheesecake. Because psychological health and a positive attitude are important to a healthy relationship with food, almost more than all of the above.