SIMPLE diet to lose weight the belly and on the sides

Diet for slimming the belly

A guaranteed way of how to lose weight without dieting and remove belly fat - trainer, cracked " and supporter, as well help and the classical French diet to lose weight the belly: the sex and the cupcake, to speed up the results - flour best to delete. But it is not so simple, the excess weight accumulates not only from poor diet, there are still a number of good reasons why our shape becomes far from the ideal. In this article, we have selected a series of efficient diets for the elimination of deposits of fat in the belly and on the sides, with special attention to give food to the men.

There are many diets to remove belly fat and mouth. Some, in general, costing only a proper diet and physical exercises, this is enough to keep the shape on the form. But for the most require a serious work on yourself: a diet to lose weight and belly should be together with the sport loads, but also the need to put in order the metabolic processes of the body, respecting the balance of the water, in addition to cosmetic cure procedure: wraps, massages, and t. d.

The basic rule of weight loss: in day it is necessary to ingest less calories than you spend. But the sedentary lifestyle, mAlGrodvignostü, lack of physical exercise, the progress, which presented us with a lot of machines-wizards - do not cease to expend energy in full, so, if your goal is to lose weight and cleanse the stomach, mouth, pulling a piece right diet to lose weight the belly, that is, to reduce the number of calories consumed.

Usefulness - how to lose weight without diet and remove fat from the belly

Good nutrition and physical exercise - security deposit beautiful, having a slender body, thin waist and a flat tummy. It has been proven that some products regulate the body's metabolic processes, burn off fat, the thighs, the belly, feet, hands, buttocks, helping you to lose weight:

  • Milk, except the milk.
  • Ginger - ensures a good circulation of the blood and of the gastric secretion.
  • Cauliflower: the broccoli and the color - chest with trace elements and vitamins, white - brush for the body, removes toxins.
  • Cucumbers, in combination with a reduced-calorie diet can contribute to lose weight fast and remove belly fat.
  • Green tea is a powerful fat burner, natural caffeine, contained in the drink, dissolve subcutaneous fat deposits, and internal visceral fat, that is why the diet to lose belly and side on the menu, almost always, it is recommended that you add 3 cups of green tea per day.
  • Grapefruit to lose weight you should eat with the membranes, cleaning the bark. Thanks to a great concentration Of vitamin c, which decreases insulin, and flavonoin niringine -the tool of anti-anthelmintic.

To speed up the metabolism we added in our diet:

  • Cinnamon, add weight loss in food and beverages, melts the fat cocktail: 1 cup of boiling water, 1/2 h. tablespoons of cinnamon,1 h. l. honey.
  • Horseradish it enzymes that burn fat, leaving the belly.
  • Beans - product of protein, to digest the body it is necessary to spend a large amount of energy, hence the slimming effect.
  • Red wine contains resvernetol, which breaks the fat cells and prevents them from developing, for slimming it is necessary to 100 ml per day.
  • Oats - a gold mine of soluble fiber, satisfying and provides energy for the physical exercise, in order to remove the belly fat.

Even the best diets for weight loss the belly and the sides will meet correctly, and it is also important to stimulate the work of the body:

  • The feeding mode for weight loss - a minimum of 5 meals in small quantities.
  • A good night's sleep.
  • Water - 1.5 to 2 litres per day.
  • The physical exercise, more movement.
  • Massages and body wraps.
  • Steam and dry sauna contribute to weight loss and decrease belly.

For the purification of

To accelerate weight loss and reduce the stomach, you should clean the bowel:

Water is necessary for all diets, in addition to dry
  • cabbage, lettuce, beet, carrot, preferably green apples, pineapple, peas, beans, lentils;
  • full of culture: barley, wheat, oats, wheat, wholemeal bread;
  • dried fruit, flax seeds, bran, at doses of seeds and nuts;
  • natural prebiotics: sour milk, cabbage sauerkraut, mushroom tea, chicory, onion, garlic.

Slimming diet

To go on a diet without detriment to health, you must pass a medical exam and learn tips from a nutritionist, who will recommend a diet for weight loss and exercises stomach.

Easy diet to lose weight fast belly who leads a sedentary lifestyle

Breakfast for weight loss:

  • corn syrup porridge, topped the grated cheese;
  • oats diluted in milk or water with fruits;
  • omelette - 2 eggs;

In the snack of the diet for belly allows for a low-fat yogurt.

Breakfast is served at your choice:

  • boil or steam room, hake, Polish cucumber salad, and cabbage;
  • chicken breast or turkey and salad mild

Before dinner, a simple diet to lose weight the belly and the side lets you eat an orange, an apple or a banana.


  • squid baked, dressed with yogurt;
  • salad mAрandкуlütURS with a bit of avocado, filling it with lemon and olive oil;
  • a piece of chicken, fish, meat and a little poached or raw vegetables.

Important: When the diet is prohibited to deep-frying in oil, the products must be cooking, baking, cooking, grilled, steamed, in Moolütivorce.

Miss tomato

Tomato rapid weight loss diet the belly and on the sides, express power for 4 days:

When the diet for weight loss do not forget to count calories
  • 1: C - a thin slice of loaf of bread + cheese + medium vegetable + coffee without sugar, but with milk. About - 2 cloves garlic, finely mode and fry a tablespoon of vegetable oil, pour 150 ml of water, squeeze of lemon juice 1 ct. l, the pepper and the salt, the sauce by adding spaghetti. For dinner - pasta with spinach, 400 g of vegetation aboutdandtü boiling water+60 g of noodles, sprinkle the cheese and bake in the oven.
  • 2: in the morning - cottage cheese 80 g of raspberries or dp. fruit, during the day - cooked chicken breast 100 g of fresh tomato and RUBlan integrated salsa, night - gacnaho.
  • 3: breakfast repeat from 2 days, lunch, stir-fry the green pepper small, pumpkin - 150 grams in a tablespoon of vegetable oil + finely chopped tomato-100 g + 50 to 75 g of easy yogurt + chopped garlic and onion, add spaghetti sauce aldento 60 g, cook until soft, for dinner, 2 medium-sized tomato cut in slices, the he 100 g. fried gRibothcov in a, put out, mix with the pasta and bake in the oven with a little cheese.
  • 4: start the day - bread, a slice of cheese, tomato, and coffee, in the middle of the bread, the cheese, top the slices of vegetables and a leaf of lettuce in the evening: 2 carrots medium-sized, cut, and fry, dilute to 100 ml of water, boil 5 min, зandпрandвlYai parsley or basil, nephum, colum and serve the sauce with 60 g of ready spaghetti.

Known diet that helps you lose weight and get rid of the belly

Of work no 8 of treatment, which protects the diet to lose weight belly and helps you get rid of fat. Developed by nutritionists for people with obesity and those inclined to eat in excess.

Important: When the diet is necessary to keep track of calories, do not go to quick menu the carbs and the extra fats. Even if the more stringent diets for weight loss the belly and on the sides, the menu should contain, at least 1.5 liters of water.

You can eat to lose weight:

  • Lean meat, fish, fowl - 150 g. night.
  • 2 eggs any way.
  • Rye and millethNY bread.
  • Defatted sour milk, the cheese is advisable to to delete.
  • Vegetables in unlimited quantities, most of it in raw.
  • Cereals are allowed, but delete the bread.
  • Jam without sugar, diluted 1: 1 with water.

Candy, cakes, COPhEnostand, semi - diet under the strict prohibition. With this diversity, you can do a lot of Syting and a balanced diet and in a short time will get rid of the belly and of deposits on the thighs, on the sides, the lashes.

Lose gpehke

Grayhnewae menu: effective diet for flat belly and thin waist, in strict compliance with, help to lose weight more than 10 pounds in 14 days.

Porridge prepare for the day: half a kilo of cereals pour the boiling water - 1.5 l, wrap the pot in a blanket, in the morning she is ready.

Share for the whole day, 5-6 receptions, you can add the kefir, 2 cups of water.

Important: the difficult buckwheat diet, although effective, but not suitable for everyone, so before you start a slimming diet should consult a doctor.

The diet for the strong half of humanity - remove the beer belly

You should pick up for itself the best diet, do not eat after 18 hours, to reduce (the horror!) the amount of beer, the mode of feeding 5 to 6 times per day.

Diet for flat belly resolves:

  • proteins - lean meats, eggs, and fish, dairy products without fat;
  • complex carbohydrates - cereals and legumes in small amounts;
  • the fatty acids from cooking oil.
The vegetables that are recommended for use in its raw form

Effectively, eliminates the belly bessolевandя diet. And, of course, daily exercises:

  • we have reduced the belly swing the abdominal muscles with the lying-down position - 30 times;
  • deep abdominals - 30 times;
  • lying down, hands under popular and we began to raise the buttocks up as high as you can - 30 times.

To clean the mouth and the belly help wrap: apple cider vinegar produce 1:3, сmAhandвandем cotton fabric, pressed, wrapped around the problematic zone, UCUtывandемся film, the top warm clothes, we walk as such, about an hour.