How much weight can you lose in a month without harming your health?

What girl doesn't want to be pretty, attract the piercing looks of men and the envious looks of women? A slender, graceful figure, a thick, glossy mane of hair, a light, graceful walk - this is the ideal most of the fair sex strives for. Mother Nature didn't make everyone look flawless, so you should create it yourself. For this reason, many girls look for quick, effective, yet safe ways to lose weight, but are often disappointed in them because they don't know how much weight they can lose in a month.

Is it possible to lose weight in a month

You can lose weight in a few days if you give up on food completely or sit down on one of the mono diets by following countless dubious tips and reviews on the net. But will this weight loss be of high quality? Of course not, because in a day a person can get a little lighter just because during this period your body will be able to get rid of excess fluid and food waste. With the return to the usual diet, the arrow on the scale will return to its normal value, and all the subcutaneous fat will remain in place.

Another thing is a month, but you don't have to just lie on the couch with a packet of harmful chips, a piece of high-calorie cake, and thoughts about how much you can throw away in a month. Here you need 30 days of active, competent and comprehensive work on yourself and your body. Actual weight loss in a month depends on the program of actions chosen to eliminate excess fat, emotional mood and the necessary motivation.

How can you lose weight in a month

There are several ways to lose weight quickly, including within a month. Not all are equally effective and safe for your health, but almost all are very popular among slimmers. The methods of combating obesity are divided into the following groups:

  • all kinds of diets and other measures to combat obesity associated with dietary restrictions;
  • physical activity and sports;
  • additional measures: massage, body wrap, use of sauna-effect overalls, use of slimming drugs, etc.
waist measurement during weight loss for a month

How much can you reset in a month

No nutritionist can say exactly how many pounds you can lose weight in a month, because burning excess fat depends on several factors:

  • the chosen diet or nutritional system;
  • daily physical activity;
  • compliance with the drinking, sleep and nutrition regimen;
  • individual characteristics of the organism.

If you are interested in knowing how much you will actually lose in a month, you can try making an approximate calculation. The minimum amount of fat the human body is capable of burning in a day is 70 grams, the maximum is 300 grams, but only a well-trained athlete can lose so much in one day. If we take the average value of 150-180 grams of fat per day, it appears that 4, 5 to 5, 5 kg should last for a month, provided that a healthy and balanced diet of normal caloric content and light physical activity is organized .

When dieting

The pages of slimming sites are full of beautiful pictures of skinny girls and promise to lose 5, 10, 15 kilos a week. Don't go on a sloppy diet that suggests you'll lose so much weight in such a short time. Safe weight loss with a reasonable diet should not exceed the numerical weight loss value of 5-6 kg over a month. It's not as much as we'd like, but slow weight loss will help avoid problems with metabolic disturbances, hormone levels, and instant weight return, as is often the case with strict diets.

vegetable soup for weight loss in a month

With proper nutrition

The decision to lose weight with proper nutrition is one of the most ideal. Reasonable adjustments to the usual menu will not only contribute to a smooth and painless weight loss, but will also help improve your health. How much weight can you lose in a month on PP? It will not be possible to lose weight strongly and drastically with the help of such a technique, but with a clear implementation of the recommendations on the use of proper nutrition, a monthly weight loss of a few pounds is guaranteed. You won't have to give up any product, but you need to change something about your usual diet:

  1. Minimize the use of flour, sweet, greasy, fried, salted.
  2. I love cereals, vegetables, fruits.
  3. Calculate the daily caloric content of the food according to the scheme: breakfast - 30%, lunch - 45%, dinner - 25%.
  4. Allow yourself high-calorie foods only until lunch.
  5. Drink lots of water.

When playing sports

Fast weight loss is impossible without active training. It doesn't matter what you decide to do - gym, fitness, jogging or just morning exercise - the main thing is that the classes are regular. A set of slimming exercises can be developed independently and slimming down at home. If you connect physical activity to a reasonable diet, you can even lose 8 kg in a month. If you just play sports, continuing to eat everything, the result will be too, but a little less, because your body will have to burn off the calories you eat first and then the fat stores.

dumbbell exercises for weight loss in a month

weight loss per month

Starting to lose weight, you need to determine what is most important to you: getting thin fast or getting thin slowly, but without harming your health, because in most cases these two concepts are mutually exclusive. A weight loss rate of no more than 1-1, 3 kg per week is considered safe, ie 4-5 kg per month. If we go back to the previous calculations, then these numbers are only confirmed, as the body of an average person with an integrated approach is capable of burning up to 200 grams of fat per day - that's 1, 4 kg per week and 6 kg per month. This result should be guided when planning your weight loss.